ICU Rounds
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Throughout the pandemic, there has been considerable discussion about the possibility of running our of ventilators. One potential solution that was brought forward was putting multiple patients on a single ventilator. This is a lot harder than merely attaching a plastic splitter on a ventilator. In this episode, we explain safety and physiological considerations. Also, we briefly discuss specific patient care issues and ventilator settings if your circumstance requires you to adopt this approach.

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This week we have a brief conversation about prone mechanical ventilation for ARDS. Does it provide a benefit? When should we use it, and why does it work? I hope this is helpful as prone ventilation has been reported to provide benefit to patients with ARDS secondary to Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

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Today we discuss the approach to oxygenating and mechanically ventilating a patient suffering from ARDS. We will cover elements relevant and essential in the management of COVID patients and all others with ARDS.

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