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Intraosseous vascular access was was developed for use in adult trauma patients over 80 years ago.  Only recently has this technique regained popularity for rapid and safe access to the vascular space in patients in extremis. 
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Don't wean people from their ventilators-- liberate them!!  When are people ready to come off the ventilator?  What are weaning parameters?  How does one do a spontaneous weaning trial?   What is the role of noninvasive ventilation (NIV)?

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Acute renal failure is a dreaded complication in the ICU.  This podcast will review the various types of acute renal failure, the etiology, as well as acute management. 
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Airway pressure release ventilation (APRV) is not a new mode of mechanical ventilation, but it seems to be gaining a great deal of popularity lately.  Many people find this mode very complicated and thick that it is reserved only for the very ill.   Neither one of these assumptions are corrrect.  This mode is very easy to learn and use.  Furthermore, this mode is very physiological and tolerated by all types of patients. 

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Virtually all patients on ventilators are on PEEP.  PEEP has several interactions with various organ systems and some can result in profound complications. An understanding of PEEP and auto-PEEP are required before we can understand modes of ventilation like APRV (Bi-Vent)
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All surgical residents know that glutamine is the amino acid known as the fuel for the gut. But what is all the fuss about?  The episode will look at the data on glutamine. Does glutamine improve outcomes, and if so and in who?   How much should we use and what are the hazards?  Enteral versus parenteral.
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Lightning Injuries

Lightning injuries are rare, but when you do treat a patient they can have facinating presentations.   This lecture follows a patient we treated at Vanderbilt.   The patient present to a local ED with stroke like symptoms following the lightning strike.   Initially, physicians were confused by the presentation, but in this lecture you will learn that his presentation was near textbook.


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A discussion of ventilation, oxygenation, and the role of PEEP.
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A discussion of the various types of ventilators with a focus on the various ventilator modes and types of ventilator cycles.  Also presented is the topic of pressure support ventilation (PSV)
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What is the role of giving an adult steroids to prevent stridor or reintubation following extubation.    This epidose looks at the data.
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