ICU Rounds
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Discussion of what is the difference between a CVC infection and a catheter-related blood stream infection. They are treated differently so it is important to know the difference.
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A discussion on nosocomial infections and VAP.
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What horrible things can happen with central lines once they have been inserted.
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A discussion of the potential problems encountered while inserting central venous catheters.
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This episode discusses the effects and risks of anesthesia on patients with pulmonary disease as well as the effects of anesthesia on pulmonary physiology.
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Ingestion of caustic materials can be fatal and difficult to evaluate. These patients are often referred to our burn center.
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An introduction to the basic science in fluids used to treat hypovolemia.
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This episode is a discussion about how to approach an arterial blood gas result.
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Discussion of the technology of the pulse oximeter
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This is an interview that I did on with Dr. Brian Cotton. Dr. Cotton recently left Vanderbilt to take a new position at UT Houston. He is an excellent teacher and his opinions on fluids resuscitation are cutting edge.
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When and how can providing a starving patient nutrition be potentially deadly.
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Understanding the root cause of hypoxia will allow for more appropriate treatment.
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Evaluation and treatment of elevated serum sodium is presented.
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Hyponatremia or a low serum sodium is a common electrolyte problem that is dangerous if ignored or treated improperly.
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Review of a recent publication from Annals of Surgery
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Following the recent crash of the US Airways in the Hudson River, it is an appropriate time to discuss the clinical manifestations and treatment of hypothermia.
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Peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) the center of a great deal of discussion of ventilator management.   Knowing the factors that increase or decrease PIP are important to those managing critically ill patient.  This podcast is steeped in physiology and perhaps more difficult than my typical podcasts.  PIP=  [Tv/ (Compliance Lung & Thorax)] + (Resistance of airway + flow )
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Hyperkalemia is a very common and potentially dangerous electrolyte disorder that commonly occurs in ICU patients.
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