ICU Rounds
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Discussion of what is the difference between a CVC infection and a catheter-related blood stream infection. They are treated differently so it is important to know the difference.
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A discussion on nosocomial infections and VAP.
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What horrible things can happen with central lines once they have been inserted.
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A discussion of the potential problems encountered while inserting central venous catheters.
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This episode discusses the effects and risks of anesthesia on patients with pulmonary disease as well as the effects of anesthesia on pulmonary physiology.
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Ingestion of caustic materials can be fatal and difficult to evaluate. These patients are often referred to our burn center.
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An introduction to the basic science in fluids used to treat hypovolemia.
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This episode is a discussion about how to approach an arterial blood gas result.
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Discussion of the technology of the pulse oximeter
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This is an interview that I did on with Dr. Brian Cotton. Dr. Cotton recently left Vanderbilt to take a new position at UT Houston. He is an excellent teacher and his opinions on fluids resuscitation are cutting edge.
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